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Slenderman, said to be known by the Dutch as "Takkenman".
Slenderman, said to be known by the Dutch as "Takkenman".
Also Known As Takkenmann
Natural Habitat Forest, Playgrounds

While it's true the Takkenmann (translation: Branch Man) is a Child Terror that closely resembles some Germanic mythical creatures - most notably the Lange Man - he presumably never existed and is most likely a modern urban legend, made up in 2009 by people from the Something Awful bulletin board.[1] The term sprouted from a thread where people challenged themselves to photoshop fake paranormal images, complete with made-up background stories. One figure in particular grew increasingly popular; a tall faceless figure, with multiple appendages, dressed in a suit complete with tie. He was said to be a timeless figure, showing up in photographs and artworks, both old and new. Sometimes seen in the forest, other times on playgrounds, his pictures pointed out that he had an affinity for children. People called him "The Slender Man."

Enthusiasts from the same thread worked hard to create a Wikipedia article, and this is where "The Dutch Takkenmann" (which is misspelled with one too many n's) was first mentioned.[2] The community of Wikipedia soon caught wind of the misinformation presented on this page and deemed it an act of vandalism. Soon afterwards the page was deleted.[3]

Little did they know, it would grow out into a world-wide phenomenon a couple of years later. By now, Slenderman has reclaimed a legitimate page on Wikipedia, and the term Takkenmann is still widely used as a substitute name among fans.

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