The German "Nök von Meeresgrunde" bears a close resemblance to the Dutch Nikker.
Also Known As Akervent, Bommelnekker, Icker, Nekker, Nekkerman, Nikkerman, Slokkevent, Waternekker, Williger

The Nikker (also known as the "Icker", "Nikkerman", "Nix", "Nekker", "Nekkerman", "Bommelnekker", "Waternekker", "Akervent", "Williger" or "Slokkevent" in the Netherlands) was a Child Terror known among a large portion of Europeans.[1] In the Netherlands he was widely described as a tall shapeshifting black water demon who lived in swamps, ditches, wells and other such waters. He preyed on children and adults who found themselves close to the water, and grabbed his victims with a hook to suck their blood. Souls of his victims were kept in an upside-down urn. The Nikker lured adults in by imitating desperate children in need to be saved from drowning. It's been said that the Nikker has red hair and looks human, although his head is much wider, his eyes are red and he has a toad underneath his tongue.[2]

How the Nikker got his nameEdit

The word "Nikker" was derived from a Germanic verb ("Nigw" meant "to wash"). Dutch slavers of the Dutch East India Company used the term Nikker as a derogatory term for black people. It has since been known as a racial slur. It remains uncertain whether there is a relation with the n-word, however.

A Nikker StoryEdit


A depiction of the Nordic "Nøkken", by Theodor Kittelsen

A grim and well-known Belgian story comes from Mechelen.[3][4] A tall naked black man had been witnessed, attempting to kidnap a young girl from her bed. He was shot at, but quickly turned himself into a dog. After making his escape, the people of Mechelen captured a black beggar and skinned him alive. He was lynched afterwards. The people burried his skin in the st. Rombouts Cathedral. People still see the black figure (Also known as "Oude Rode Ogen" or "The Beast From Vlaanderen" in Belgium) to this day, roaming the city of Mechelen in search of his skin. His black ghostly figure and his eyes like fire, hoping to become the fully restored demon he once was. It was said he growled like a dog, and those who saw the Nikker risked to become deaf or blind. Children who played outside in the dark ought to watch out for him. He was known to be a cannibal and had an appetite for little children.

Friendly NikkersEdit

There's many different versions of the Nikker, and not just in the Netherlands either. One such description was found in a book called Visboeck, written by Adriaen Coenen in and about 1577 to 1681. The book mentioned "ghosts or kindhearted demons," which stands in contrast with the usual horror stories from around that time. According to Coenen: while mischievous, they were also well-tempered and helpful of nature. They lived in the sea and enjoyed entertaining people.[5]

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