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Also Known As Kledde, Klerre, Kleure, Waterkledde
Province Brabant
Natural Habitat Edge Of Civilization, Forests

In Brabant - but mostly in parts of Belgium[1] - people feared the nocturnal "Kludde"-shouting monster; hence the name Kludde (also known as Kleure, Klerre, Kledde or Waterkledde). People know him as a horrifying Tormentor. Some people have described the Kludde as a water demon; supposedly a big dog that walks on its hind legs with heavy chains (at least one around its ankle), bear claws, a black beak, green glistening scales on the batwings on his back and crimson colored bulging eyes.[2] He's a Child Terror and pulls children into the water. The Kludde can move at immeasurable speeds and is said to spawn from the cremated bodies of witches and wizards. Some say if one were to kill the Kludde, 7 more would crawl from its corpse. He likes to play dangerous games such as jumping on unsuspecting passersby and becoming increasingly heavy. The monster can sometimes be found in the reeds, under bridges and inside of hollow trees. Should one encounter the beast, their best hope is that their feet are faster than the Kludde's claws..[3] Throwing a handkerchief could save their life; Just like with the werewolf, this fiend has no other choice but to rip it apart carefully, fiber by fiber.[4]

Some say the demon used to live in Dender, but the civilians of Aalst managed to chase him off to Dendermonde. An unlikely story, especially since Kludde was known in a much wider area.[5]

A Shapeshifting Tormentor[]

Kludde has the ability to change into a wide assortment of animals, such as ravens, snakes, cats, frogs, bats and even trees that grow high above the clouds. Other times he would show up looking like a human being, anything was possible, really. Sometimes he'd appear as a meager horse and took people for a ride, only to shake them off in a pond somewhere. Others believed him to be a werewolf, a demon or even the devil himself.[6] There's people who believe Kludde teams up with the Lange Wapper, another tormenting shapeshifter from Flanders.

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