A folktale from Zeeland comes from the town of Veere, which finds its location at the mouth of a river ending into a body of water called the Veerse Gat. Veere once possessed a bustling harbor with impressive ships mooring in from faraway places on a regular basis. It is within their pubs where they but whispered stories of a haunted house up the river. Alongside its picturesque tilia bordered canal stood many rowed houses, but they fell into a state of decay one by one until the Griffioen was the only building left. Facing the canal, anchor plates decorated the front of this step-facaded old house that stood slanting in its soil, with its numbers but barely exposing its year of construction: 1527.

Haunted House Edit

Not much was known about the Griffioen but ill stories of the former master of the house. Among the clapping of trapdoors that didn't exist anymore, tenants saw shadowy figures of things that weren't supposed to be there and heard the horrifying cries and raspy whispers of those who fell victim to murder.

A Mysterious Stranger Edit

The Griffioen was just over 3 centuries old and estate agent Cornelius Griep ran a successful business renting the Griffioen to oblivious strangers. Townsfolk conspired with him for a profit and thus the house was never inhabited for a long period of time. Previous tenants had knocked on Cornelius' door in the middle of the night, explaining the bizarre occurrences but nobody in town seemed to believed any of it. All newcomers had to pay upfront for the entire year and always left prematurely. That is until Cornelius met with another stranger on a Thursday in early November of 1836 for a home viewing. The stranger arrived from the direction of Middelburg and made it known that he had met a previous tenant in a nearby town. He confronted Cornelius with the shady business he's running but was not dissuaded from viewing the interior. Openly speaking with Cornelius of the horrifying show that goes on at night, the stranger was left undaunted. He told him he would have loved to stay, but the Griffioen would not stand another day. Veere was fine after a hurricane threatened to flood the entire town that night, but the Griffioen did indeed collapse.[1]

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References Edit

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