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The Hémänneken was a ghostly figure and tormentor from the province of Overijssel, with the Aamsveen close to Enschede in particular. He appeared like blue fire (not to be confused with Blauw Dámpke) above swamps and shouted "Hey" repeatedly. Those who answered to its call were chased by the will-'o-the-wisp, which would then jump on its victim and grow heavy. It is said that those who carried a knife with breadcrumbs on it would be left alone.

The Servant and the Hémanneke[]

A story from Enschede tells of a farm on the Es where a fearless servant from the region of Holland had worked. He'd heard of the many ghost stories but wasnt afraid one bit. One day he worked in the peat pits at the Aamsveen swamp when he heard the shouting "Hey!", and again "Hey!". He responded likewise "Hey!", this game of words repeated for some time until the blue flame arrived at the edge of the pit and jumped right on his neck. The servant managed to crawl out of the pit in time and made way towards the farmhouse. Nobody could help him but by luck the farmer's wife walked into the room with a lit blessed candle. Hémanneke could not stand the bright light and let go of his neck, floating upwards between the beams and moving into a sieve that was mounted to the wall. It started levitating and flew out of the door towards Aamsveen. The sieve was later found back and could again be used for sifting rye.