Spoken (translation: Ghosts) are apparitions of the dead, usually seen at night. Christian folk assumed the afterlife consisted of heaven and hell, while pagan beliefs claimed those who died would join the elves and become spirits of nature.

Wandering Ghosts

  • Some people became ghosts because they weren't baptised (as was the case with king Radboud or Wandering Lights).
  • Other people stole land that wasn't theirs and had to measure land for all eternity (as is the case with Laakmannetje and the Vurige Landmeter)
  • Some others lived a life of sin without making their way to hell (as was the case with Henricus Bornius, the Witte Wieven and a couple of murderers).
  • And of course there's mysterious apparitions that nobody really knows how to explain (Barneman or Ijzeren Veulen for example).

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