A list of Water Terrors, publicized by the Meertens Institute of Dutch Folklore Studies in 1965.
Natural Habitat Dangerous Areas
Oftentimes creatures of the night, the Kinderschrik (translation: Child Terror) were plentiful throughout the Netherlands. They usually lived in the waters that made up the country and were associated with demons. These relentless creatures had their eyes out for unsuspecting children, which they would spirit away, eat, drown, or god knows what. While stories of these terrifying creatures were mainly used by parents to keep children away from danger - or alternatively: get them to obey - they caused the necessary trauma. Most adults realized these demons did not exist at all, but some monsters active within the Netherlands weren't fabricated. These monsters were feared by adults and children alike.

Meertens InstituteEdit

The Dutch Meertens Institute conducts research to folklore in the Netherlands. In 1965 they publicized the "Volkskunde Atlas" (Folklore Atlas), featuring a detailed list of well-known Child Terrors in the Netherlands, and where they supposedly lived. This list can still be found online.

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