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Also Known As Bloedkoesj, Bloedkaros, Bikaros, Hellewagen
Natural Habitat Cities, Villages, Nighttime

In Belgium, the Bloedkoets (translation: Blood Carriage) was a reason for kids to stay indoors at night. The carriage was also known as Bloedkoesj, Bloedkaros, Bikaros or Hellewagen. The Child Terror was mentioned whenever kids ran around barefoot outside as well. This hell on wheels - which could fly (possibly derived from Germanic god Wodan's army of the dead[1]) and drove around the cities at night - was completely black and sealed off from the outside. Blood seeped through the cracks and masked men walked on both sides of the wagon. These masked men abducted any children they could find and brought them to the Tenenkappers (translation: Toecutters[2]) within the cart. It is said the children were killed, and sent off to the French republican.[3][4] A slightly different version exists where demons reside within the cart, who would cut off their toes and feast on their blood.

Alternatively, one spoke of a beautifully ornamented carriage of wealthy descent, pulled by four horses. Inside the carriage sat a rich lady who lured the children inside, promising them candy, and that they might play with her daughter at the castle. Kids who couldn't be fooled where dragged in there by force. As one might suspect, none of her promises came true. The lady brought them to a big castle where she cut off their toes in order to prepare a bloody bath for a sick king whose only cure was for him was to bathe in the blood of children younger than 7 years old.[5] It is likely these tales were linked to the rumors that had spread all over Europe about Hungarian countess Elizabeth Báthory.[6]

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