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Börries or Barries is a type of hellhound that roams the province of Groningen but is also found in parts of Friesland. Whereas most hellhounds are one of a kind, the Börries are with many.[1] They're commonly found on terps in polder landscapes where they may live both in water and on land.

Described as big fat dogs with curly fur, these beasts are reminiscent of black vicious poodles with big flaming eyes.[2] Their legs are tall and they walk differently from regular dogs, using their two left or right legs simultaneously with each step.[3] This gives their stride a sway that is unmistakeably the walk of a Börries. Another way to recognize these creatures is by its tail, which is big and ragged like a broom.[4] When Börries runs, its tail positions parallel to its spine. A variant of Börries is called the Stommelstaart. These creatures are more or less the same, except for their tail which is a short stump.[5] Some places in Groningen speak of hellhounds that dragged searing hot chains behind them. Whether these were Börries too remains uncertain.

Some said the sight of a Börries was a bad omen, foretelling dangers that have nothing to do with the vicious hellhound in particular. When a Börries approaches you, there's not really any hope of outrunning it. The best thing to do is be still; Don't talk or move. Don't even blink and it will pass right by. One story suggests that it likes to follow pedestrians and can change its size to whatever it desires. Börries are sometimes accompanied by other creatures from the area, such as the headless calf and dancing juffers.

A Story from Delfzijl[]

Klaas and his friends Jaan and Eltje were on their way home from playing cards and drinking gin. They walked a long road from Oterdum to Geefsweer when along the way a Börries appeared. The canine creature followed the band of friends as he grew ever bigger. Klaas had a stick with him and in a spur of intoxication he decided to chase off the big dog. When he tried to land a blow however, he couldn't move his hand and wasn't able to hit the foul beast. Eltje seemed to understand what was going on and said "We can't fight the dark forces and we should never want to." That's when the big dog decreased in size and disappeared into the night.[6]

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